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10oz (1oz Coins)

How Does It Work?

Each month you will be charged $60 and the funds will be added to your account. After your account crosses the threshold price for the 10 ounces of silver we will ship the silver to you with complimentary shipping, tracking, and insurance. The remaining amount will roll over towards your next purchase.

We charge a one time $20 initiation fee that comes out of your first contribution. There are no other fees. No shipping and handling fees, no processing fees, no hidden fees anywhere on our site. No matter how many subscriptions or accounts you set up, you will only have to pay the initiation fee once.

Your initiation fee is fully refundable after you receive your first shipment.
If you choose to cancel before receiving your first shipment we are unable to offer a refund for the initiation fee.

Why Buy Silver?

Silver is a great hard asset, and it’s cheaper than gold. It's great for everyday purchases and outperforms gold. However, there is more volatility over time between gold and silver, so while prices may increase, they are also subject to more significant fluctuations than gold.

We suggest a 50-50 split between Gold and Silver investments.

Silver Coins Investment:

We provide our sleeves of silver in 1 oz coins.

A certifying assayer authenticates each coin, and we offer protection and quality you can trust.

Product Description:

  • Each round contains 1 oz of .999 fine silver.
  • There are 10 rounds in each sleeve.
  • We shop for the price on our silver so that the design may be different; this DOES NOT mean it's any less valuable.
  • Add to account and buy now option available.

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